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With the help of well equipped infrastructure and team of experienced workers, we have been capable to serve our clients by offering high quality industrial autoclaves, which are absolutely in tune with their requirements. Use of premium grade material and state-of-the-art technology provide our products an incomparable identity. Our range of robustly constructed industrial autoclave is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical and agriculture industry. Our range consists of vertical autoclave, horizontal autoclave, laboratory autoclave, medical autoclave, pharmaceutical autoclaves, sterilizer pressure cooker, high pressure sterilizer, laboratory sterilizer etc.

Sterilizer Pressure Cooker Type (Electrically Operated)
Sterilizer Pressure Cooker Type (Electrically Operated)
Model: NSW-229

This Sterilizer is made of Aluminium for quick transfer of heat, which generates steam under pressure.  As soon as it reaches the right temperature the sterilizer are subjected to saturated steam environment for preset specified time.  It has double protection for safety

Sterilizer pressure cooker type complete made of aluminum bowl. Electrically operated.

230 x 230 mm
10 Ltrs.
300 x 300 mm     24 Ltrs.


300 x 300 mm     24 Ltrs.
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Vertical Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave
Model: NSW-227

Most suitable for sterilization of surgical Instruments, dressing material, linen, rubber, plastic material by means of saturated steam under pressure of 15 to 22 PSI (adjustable).

Sturdy double wall construction with boiler made of Stainless Steel 16 gauge sheet. Outer shall is also made of Stainless Steel Sheet/ Mild Steel. Boiler and outer shell is provided with air insulation. Lid is made of Stainless Steel Sheet and tightened alround by radial locking . Joint less gaskets are made of Neoprene rubber. These sterilizers are hydraulically tested upto 40 PSI.

Sterilizers are fitted with water level arrangement to indicate water position inside the boiler. Pressure gauge, Air/Steam release cock two safety valve are also provided. The autoclave is fitted with indfoss pizzostat and can be set between 10 to 20 PSI.

Immersion type heating element heats the water and steam to desired temp. and pressure are attained. We have provided all autoclaves to cut-off automatically when the autoclave is dry. Supplied complete with S.S. basket, cord and plug to work on 220 Volts 50 cycles A.C. supply


                        Dia     Depth             
VA-3               355 x 550MM                      50 Ltrs. 
VA-4               400 x 600MM                      78 Ltrs. 
VA-5               450 x 600MM                      98 Ltrs.
VA-6               550 x 750MM                      187Ltrs.

Size Inside

                       Dia     Depth                                          
MA-1              250 x 450MM                      22 Ltrs. 
MA-2              300 x 500MM                      40 Ltrs. 
MA-3              355 x 550MM                      50 Ltrs.
MA-4              400 x 600MM                      78 Ltrs.
MA-5              450 x 600MM                      98 Ltrs.
MA-6              550 x 750MM                     187Ltrs.

Fully automatic by PID Controller having facility for:

Auto purging:          Set Temp.
Purging Stop:         Set Temp.
Auto Exhaust:         Cool
Elapse Time
Set Temperature:   Could be set
Facility for temp. control
Auto cycle stop
Buzzer At cycle over

Automatic timer electronic 999 mts to extra cost

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Horizontal Autoclave
Horizontal Autoclave
Model: NSW-233

Most ideal for Institute or Laboratory doing bulk sterilizing research work.  This Autoclave has double walled inside and outside made of Stainless Steel 304 Qlty.  All these sheets are argon arcs welded.  These sterilizers are tested hydraulically as well as electrically for safe operation.  The hinged door is made of thick Stainless Steel Plate.  The radial locking system comprising of thick rectangular SS bars with safety mechanism, ensure complete risk free and leak proof sterilizing cycle.  Automatic self closing device to prevent opening of the door while sterilizer is in operation and under pressure.  The stainless steel steam generator unit is fitted with easily replaceable heating element and is fixed at the base of SS Frame.  Water level indicates the water level inside the boiler.  It is fitted with Pressure Gauge, Safety valve and steam release cock.  Control panel of this unit consists of main switch alongwith the indicating lamp, a pressure control switch.  Pressure can be set from 10 to 20 PSI.  Separate valve for injecting the steam into the main chamber and releasing the steam after use are also provided. Fully automatic by PID Controller

It will have following features also:

Auto purging:           Set Temp.
Purging Stop:-         Set Temp.
Auto Exhaust:          Cool
Elapse Time
Set Temperature:   Could be set
Facility for temp. control
Auto cycle stop
Buzzer At cycle over

Suitable for operation at 440 Volts 3 phase 4 wire 50 cycles supply.

                        Dia     Depth  
HA-2               455 x 600mm            98 Ltrs. 
HA-3               550 x 750mm           152 Ltrs. 
HA-4               400 x 1200mm         156 Ltrs. 


a) Thermograph to record sterilizing temp. and time
b) Door at back also 

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Table Top Steam Sterilizer (Pre & Post Vacuum Facility)
Table Top Steam Sterilizer (Pre & Post Vacuum Facility)
Model: NSW-234

“NSW” pleased to introduce table top steam sterilizer for today’s growing demand for more sophisticated sterilization technologies. Any private or dental clinic can enjoy the benefit of this technology right in their office. Outpatient clinics, which have increased significantly in recent years, perform highly skilled invasive surgery on their own premises. They rely on advanced sterilization technology. In addition, the increasing tendency towards modular space design in the clinic makes our pre & post vacuum tabletop autoclaves the perfect solution.


This autoclave is made of complete stainless steel 304 Qlty having outer & inner wall & has capacity of 22 liters chamber has compact outer dimensions making it a perfect fit for today’s contemporary clinic. There is mineral wool insulation between the two walls .Designed to sterilize class B cycles. A common application is in the medical or (operating room) as an independent sterilization unit or in dental and private clinics that need to sterilize narrow and hollow instruments and wrapped packs. It has 2 nos. perforated shelves. The water reservoir has capacity of 6 liters of distilled or low quality deionized water. This sterilizer are designed to perform class B cycle that meet the strictest EN 13060 European standards.

 Pre Vacuum Air Removal:

Porous and packed load types as well as fabrics have one thing in common: Air is trapped inside these instruments and fabrics, resulting in air pockets that prevent the full penetration of steam. It is known that spores and bacteria can survive at 134 Deg.C in air pockets.  Therefore, pre vacuum air removal eliminates air pockets from all load types and maximizes steam penetration to instrument components.

Post Vacuum Drying:

When hot steam comes in contact with the cooler instruments, condensation can form. Condensation becomes even more serious with packaged loads, when moisture can remain after the cycle ends. A moist load does not provide sufficient SAL (Sterility Assurance Level). Post vacuum drying provides complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments at the end of the sterilization process.

Temperature Control:

Temperature shall be controlled by Microprocessed PID Controller which will have following features:

  • Auto purging: Set Temp.
  • Purging Stop: - Set Temp.
  • Auto Exhaust:- Cool
  • Elapse Time
  • Set Temperature:- Could be set
  • Facility for temp. control
  • Auto cycle stop
  • Buzzer at cycle over

Operating Temp. 121 Deg.C to 135 Deg.C
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 to 2.3 kg /Cm2

Pressure can be achieved upto 760mm/ hg approx.

This sterilizer work on 200/ 220 volts A.C 50 Hz.

Size of Inside working Chamber
Dia 250 x Depth 450 mm

Option:PC connection port for direct PC access enables direct software updates and remote maintenance or data can be collected through USB port.

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Horizontal High Pressure Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer
Horizontal High Pressure Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer
Model: NSW-235

Robust and right construction design for all type of bulk sterilization which are commonly required in medical, agriculture and pharmaceutical .  suitable for sterilizing hospital dressing linen , rubber , plastic goods, surgical instruments glass wire etc.

It is based on the principle that any microbiological action of saturated steam elevated temp. in rapid and through.


Triple walled with steam jacket with separate boiler all construction are made up of heavy gauge S.S steel 304 Qlty.  mounted on tubular stainless steel frame with ground leveling screwed flanges. The outer jacket is wrapped with mineral wool to minimize the heat loss.  These sterilizers are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times of working pressure. 

Steam generator is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet heavy ring mounted in front of the boiler with folding thick stainless steel plate is fitted with heating element and low water level cut of device to protect with the former from burning out dry.  Pressure control device is fitted in all electrically operated sterilizer.  It cuts of the power supply to heater when the set pressure is activated flange type immersion heating elements are made of high grade material.

Safety Door:

Sterilizer has engaged self-locking single piece thick S.S. plate door and cannot be operated under pressure.  The self locking device automatically disengages the thread mechanism when the sterilizer is under pressure to preclude any eventuality of accident.

Single Point Control:

Complete sterilizing cycle is controlled from on point with the help of “Multiport Valve” fitted at front top.  Two speeds of steam exhaust are available fast and slow.  Easily readable jacket and chamber pressure on gauges mounted on the multiport valve.  A moisture trap is fitted in the chamber discharge  line to absorb the condense automatically to prevent moistening of the subject matter to be sterilized

Safety Features:

The sterilizer is provided with the triple safety features.  At the boiler level by a PIEZOSTAT which automatically limits the pressure to the required set valve and a spring loaded safety valve in case of its failure which releases the steam to keep pressure within the safety limits.  At the chamber level, a spring loaded safety valve and a dead weight release valve to release the steam in case the pressure exceeds the safety limit.  All these safety features function independent of one another failure. 

A plug screen prevents the discharge line form choking.  The plug is easily removable for daily cleaning.  Power ejector for drying sterilized line circulates the air throughout the chamber.  The circulating air passes through a corrosion resistant metallic wool filter.  A steam trap is fitted in the chamber discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically.  Fully Automatic by PID Controller to show the chamber temperature.  Automatic Vacuum breaker is provided to break vacuum due to steam condensation.

STERILIZING TEMP.                      120 Deg. C.
STERILIZING PRESSURE             1.2 TO 1.5 KG. (15 PSI TO 22 PSI)
POWER                                           440 V 3 PHASE 50 HZ A.C. SUPPLY.

Size of Inside working Chamber
                          Dia     Depth 
HHP-1             400 x 600MM            78 Ltrs.
HHP-2             400 x 1200MM         156 Ltrs.

Optional Accessories:
b) Thermograph to record sterilizing temp. and time
c) Door at back also

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High Pressure Sterilizer (Rectangular Model)
High Pressure Sterilizer (Rectangular Model)
Model: NSW-242

Robust and rigid construction designed for all type of bulk sterilization which are commonly required in medical agricultural and pharmaceuticals.  Suitable for sterilizing hospital dressing linen, Rubber, plastic goods, surgical instrument’s, glassware etc. This autoclave work on down word displacement of air principle, which is most suitable and economic method of obtaining sterilization.

Inner Chamber shall be made of stainless steel 304 qlty & Jacket will alsobe made of stainless steel and boiler made of thick stainless steel located under the sterilizer. In this sterilizer also flanged type heating elements are fitted form front for easy replacement.  This Sterilizer has a water level indicator.  It is also provided with low water level cut-off  device which save the life of heater from buring out.  The steam pressure on the boiler is indicated on a individual pressure gauge.

The Steriliser is fitted with self locking safety door which can not be opened when the chamber is under pressure. A synthetic neoprene rubber gasket ensure steam tight fitting.  Presurre  control switch (Piezostat) is fitted in the sterilizer to control the Pressure which saves your electricity bill. Pressure control switch (piezostat) is fitted in the sterilizer to control the pressure  between 15PSI to 22 PSI.

Sterilizing cycle is controlled from one point with the help of Multipart valve fitted at fron top two separate speed exhaust are available for evaculating. A plug screen prevents the discharge line from chocking.

The Plug is easily removable for routine cleaning. A dial thermometer is provided to show the chamber temperature and an automatic vacuum breaker is provided to break vacuum in case of vacuum formation.

Two separate valves provided for evacuating air and steam from inner chamber and jacket as and when desired.  A steam trap is fitted in the  discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically.

The sterilizer consists pressure control, Main switch, Pilot Lamps, Relays etc. and mounted on the stand for easy operation.  This Autoclave will have one number door.  to work on 400-440  Volts A. C. 3 phase 4 wire system.

Fully micro processed PID Controller which will have following features:

Can be operate on manual mode either  or fully automatic mode.

  • Auto purging:- Set Temp.
  • Purging Stop :- Set Temp.
  • Auto Exhaust : - Cool
  • Elapse Time
  • Set Temperature :- Could be set
  • Facility for temp. control
  • Auto cycle stop
  • Buzzer At cycle over

OPERATING TEMP.               121 º C.
              1.2 TO 1.5 KG./ CMÁ(15 PSI TO  22 PSI)

Size Inside Chamber
W. 600 X D 1200 X H 600mm


  • Stainless Steel Carriage.
  • Stainless Steel Trolley.
  • Thermograph to record sterilizing temperature and time.
Door at the back also.
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