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Browse through an on-line collection of industrial deep freezers, which is popular in national as well as international market because of their unique features. These laboratory deep freezers are engineered from top grade stainless steel, which is sourced by us from reliable suppliers. These products are stringently checked by the team of expert professionals, so that they could match with international quality standards. We offer vertical deep freezer, horizontal deep freezer, unique low freezers, vertical cabinet freezers, chest cabinet horizontal freezer etc.
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Deep Freezer (Vertical) Minus 20°C
Model: NSW-179

Complete made of stainless steel 304 qlty. crusher is fitted with in built water collection tank fitted with float valve to regulate water supply to machine. Complete with automatic voltage stabilizer on 220/230V AC 50 Hz.

FM - 50                   50 Kg. in 24 hr.                20 kg.
FM - 100                100 Kg. in 24 hr.              171 Ltrs.
FM - 150                150 Kg. in 24 hr.               280 Ltrs.
FM - 200                 200 Kg. in 24 hr.              336 Ltrs.
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Deep Freezer Minus 40°C
Model: NSW-180

Outer body and inside chamber & trays are made of stainless steel 304 qlty. It has microprocessed digital temp. controller to control temperature at 4 Deg ,C 1 Deg, C will have alarm if door is opened, temperature deviations to low or high. It may be supplied with pull out drawers. It has hermetic compressor with non CFC refrigerant with chart recorder and voltage stabilizer automatic to works on 2.20 V 50 Hz.


   No. of Bags                 Blood Bags                     No. of pull out
      Capacity                       or tray

   Capacity 60                    350m1.                                     1
   Capacity 120                  250m1.                                     2
   Capacity 240                  350m1.                                     4
   Capacity 360                  350m1.                                     6
   Capacity 430                  360m1.                                     6
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Deep Freezer Minus 60°C
Model: NSW-181

Outer made of Mild Steel and inside made of stainless steel 304 qlty. Insulation between the two walls are done by PUF insulation. Temperature from ambient to - 40 Deg.0 is be controlled by microprossed digital temperature controller. It has low & high temperature cut in the range of 1 Deig.c fitted with hermetic compressoer with CFC free refrigeration system. It is supplied with automatic voltage stabilizer & chart recorder.


   PLFR - 4                                  455 X 410 X 610 mm
   PLFR - 4                                  505 X 415 X 830 mm
   PLFR - 4                                  570 X 550 X 875 mm
   PLFR - 4                                  050 X 580 X 900 mm
   PLFR - 4                                  700 X 640 X 900 mm

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Ice Lined Freezer
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets (Stainless Steel)
Model: NSW-215

Ice lined horizontal freezers are fitted hermetic compressors with accessories CF / HCFC free to control temperature. PUF insulation is done between the two wall to holdover the temperature. Fitted with Microporcessed digital temperature controller with high & low temperature deviation alarm. Ice packs in single layer are kept inside the chamber to keep temperature within a range of 2 cleg.c to 10 deg.c. for 18-20 hrs. This freezer is supplied with suitable voltage stabilizer with circular chart recorder.

                                         100 liters
                                         150 liters
                                         200 liters

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