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When it comes to manufacture top quality Hot & Cold Chamber / Refrigerators, Narang Scientific Works Private Limited is among the sterling names engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of industrial Hot & Cold Chamber / Refrigerators, which is known amidst our clients for their exclusive features.

General Purpose Laboratory - Pharmacy Refrigerator
General Purpose Laboratory - Pharmacy Refrigerator
Model: NSW 152R

“CALTAN” - quality Laboratory Refrigerators offer high capacity and excellent temperature control at an affordable price.  This Refrigerators are suitable for storage of vaccines, Reagents, Cultures, medicines, storing blood plasma and Blood samples.  Temperature range adjustable from + 2.0 °C to + 8.0 °C temperature controller includes digital temperature display of set value and process value, Forced air circulation for maximum temperature uniformity. Temperature alarm system with adjustable high/low alarm limits, includes audible and visual warning.

This is double walled inside made of stainless steel 304 qlty. and outer is made of mild steel duly powder coated.  It will have 75mm high-density puff insulation.  This chamber has got a lockable door with plastic magnetic gasket.  It offer a microprocessor temperature controller with maximum temperature uniformity with heavy duty forced air refrigeration system.  Supplied with  3 or 4 removable perforated staibless steel  304 qlty shelves.

One  sealed CFC free compressors with all its protective devices along with fan cooled condensing coil are placed below the working chamber for faster cool down and recovery times by heavy refrigeration’s . CFC free (Environmental Friendly ) refrigerant are used to cool down the temperature automatic/ manual deep frosting and condensed melt water evaporation system are done for longer life of compressor . Inside air circulating system is provided by 2 nos F.H. Moptor's Fan which keeps uniform temp. throughout the  chamber.

LPR-1    6.1Cu.Ft.    505 x 415 x  830MM          171  Ltrs. 
LPR-2   10 Cu.Ft.     570 x 550 x 875MM            285  Ltrs.
LPR-3   12 Cu.Ft.     650 x 580 x 900MM            336  Ltrs.

Above Pharmacy Refrigerator shall be complete with following special features:-

  1. perforated castor mounted
  2. adjustable shelves
  3. battery backup for display and alarms
  4. control panel with temperature alarm, on/off switch and digital thermometer
  5. interior lighting , manual defrosting arrangement
  6. Adequate circulation of air to ensure even cooling
  7. door with lock .
  8. control panel with temperature alarm, on/off switch with power on indicator, digital thermometer, temperature display
Large size of Pharmacy refrigerator may be manufactured on customer requirements.
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Hot & Cold Chamber
Hot & Cold Chamber
Model: NSW-152 HC

Usage of Machine

Machine is used for endurance testing various machines Food Industry, Automobile
Industries etc.

Construction:This is double walled cabinet insulated with 125mm thick puff between interior and exterior walls. Outer chamber made of Mild Steel and painted in Epoxy Powder coating in white colour. The inner chamber shall be made of Stainless Steel 304 qlty. Outer double walled metal door with MAGNETIC GASKET and lock & key. The chamber will have strong base for fitting your fixture.

This chamber shall be supplied with temperature controller. It will incorporate one compressors with all its protective devices along with two fan cooled condensing coil just below the working chamber. This chamber will have air circulating fan from the top of the cabinet.  The chamber will have 2” dia hole from one side for feeding cables.  Control panel shall be provided at the side of the chamber with three indicators one for main, one for heating, and one for cooling and a digital volt meter.

Dual electric digital temp. controller to control temperature from minus 40 °C to + 110 °C +/- 5 °C . Humidity controller (Electronic) with control for dry  & RH which will show present value and set value to maintain 95% humidity at 37 °C . this chamber shall work on 440 Volts 3 phase 4 wire ststem.

LPR-1    6.1Cu.Ft. 505 x 415 x  830MM          171  Ltrs. 
LPR-2   10 Cu.Ft. 570 x 550 x 875MM            285  Ltrs.
LPR-3   12 Cu.Ft. 650 x 580 x 900MM            336  Ltrs.

Cost for the chamber

Option:Independent display for temperature & % RH. Self tune PID control loop for temperature & % RH. Heater and humidifier control outputs which will have serial communication port RS 484, 2 wire, half duplex, start - stop synchronized safety standard meets EN-61010 with temperature alarm system having adjustable high/low alarm limits includes audible & visual warning to cost extra.

Note:Temperature range, in cool and heat can be given & manufactured as per customers requirement.

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Walk In Chambers / Cold Room “Caltan”
Hot & Cold Chamber
Model: NSW-778

NSW walk in chamber are designed for simulating, monitoring to control environmental conditions. These chambers are double walled and modular in construction, easy to assumable at site. Size of chamber can be made as per customer requirement. Air circulation is made to create uniform temperature under RH inside.

Construction:Double wall prefabricated modular panels with PUF insulation. In GIMP model we shall provide inside 316 qlty. stainless steel cuter 304 qlty. Refrigeration system with spit type condensing Unit having (CFC free refrigerant) are placed outside the laboratory area Heating system consists of SS tubular heaters. Humidity inside the chamber is created by steam injection - Boiler and water reservoir made of stainless steel with heater with low water cut off. These chambers are designed as per ICH guidelines to meet WHO and USFD A specifications.

Capacity 4500 Liters
Capacity 20000 Liters


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