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Come and visit our unique collection of industrial incubators, which has etched a remarkable place in international arena owing to their splendid durability and excellent performance. These industry laboratory incubators feature aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel body with epoxy powder coating. Glass window and synthetic rubber gasket of door and metal shelves all are made with extra care to produce the incubators of zero defect quality. We manufacture hybridization incubator, pharmaceutical incubator, medical incubator and many more.
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B.O.D Incubator "CALTAN" (Super Deluxe Automatic)
Incubator Universal
Model: NSW-152 
"Super Deluxe Automatic"

SUPER DELUXE AUTOMATIC : Other specification as above but fitted with  Electronic Digital Controller Cum Indicator with sensitivity of +/- 0.5 º C. with Electronic Digital voltmeter. 

Model                                W        D        H                     
LTS M      4 Cu.Ft.           455 X 410 X 610mm           112  Ltrs.
LTS-1      6.1Cu.Ft.         505 x 415 x  830mm           171  Ltrs.
LTS-2     10 Cu.Ft.          570 x 550 x 875mm            285  Ltrs..
LTS-3     12 Cu.Ft.          650 x 580 x 900mm            340  Ltrs.
LTS-4      15 Cu.Ft.          700 x 640 x 900mm           425  Ltrs.

The following optional arrangement can be made in each model of B.O.D. Incubator:-

Inside chamber and shelves can be made of Stainless Steel 304 qlty. instead of Anodized Aluminium

B.O.D. Incubator with interior illumination with 3 no. Fluorescent tubes of 60 CMS length having separate ON-OFF switch for tubes and minimum temp. can be obtained from 10 º C to 60 º C. when all the tubes are “ON”.        with Timer 0-24 hours for regulating cyclic


B.O.D. Incubator for incubation in CO2/ air  mixture could be provided within inlet nozzle on the side of control panel providing a means for monitoring Co2 or air/CO2  mixtures, similar nozzle is provided for monitoring CO2 concentration at an extra cost.

Humidity control from 55% to 95% by micro processed digital temp. controller & RH control with SV & PV.

Alarm:It is possible to provide electronic alarm, if temperature deviates more than ± 5 °C to cost extra.

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Co2 Incubator
Incubator Universal
Model: NSW-624


Generally used in experiments involving cultivation of animal cells, sperm/ovum, anaerobic cells, hatching etc.

Cot range 0-20%
Co2 accuracy - 1-0.5%

Inlet pressure 1.5 bars approx. Temp. range 5 Deg.C above ambient to 60 Deg.c fast recovery - accuracy + /- 0.2 Deg.C at 37 Deg.C.

High Humidity to achieve few percent above atmospheric humidity to 95% minimizing sample evaporation capacity approx 171 liters.



UV decontamination

Length - 253.7mm
Power 4 Gw/l can price on request


Hot Air decontamination

Time 8 hours programmed continues 3 to 4 hours recovery time to reset at 37 deg.c. and 5%. safety door lock during continues price on request


Oxygen Control

Hypoxia & Hyproxia
Range- 0,6 - 19% or 20 - 99%
Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensor price on request

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Grossing Work Station
Incubator Universal (Super Deluxe)
Model: NSW-733

These work stations are used for examination specimens in pathology department, Powerful blowers sucks out the contaminated air and formalin vapor from the worktable.
It is made of high qualities stainless steel sheet. Negative pressure of work station in maintained by highly efficient centrifugal blower. Work area is illuminated by fluorescent light. UV germicidal light is also fitted in this area. This grossing table is supplied with magnifying glass, magnetic instrument holder light flexible arms. paper towel holder, Polypropylene cutting board, sink and mixer tap for hot and cold water, sprinklet system, adjustable valve for bath sanitation located below the perforated working plates storage compartment under table, waste bin and a small weighing scale.

Side window & are made of poly carbonates which may be taken out to clean it

Work station size: - 900 X 900.X1200 rnm
                                    900 X 900 X1800 rnm

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