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The oven has arrived in one piece and that's good, even better we've positioned


Fluid Warming Cbainet (Super Deluxe Model)
Fluid Warming Cbainet (Super Deluxe Model)
Fluid Warming Cbainet (Super Deluxe Model)
Model: NSW-151

Double walled inside made of  stainless steel 304 qty. and outside of Mild Steel Sheet furnished in Epoxy Powder Coating. The gap of 75mm between two walls is fitted with pure mineral wool.  Synthetic rubber gasket is provided on the door for better grip This incubator has double door outer is metal door and inside is glass door in stainless steel frame. There will be no glass window outside. If, you require glass window outside please specify while placing order. In this Case we shall not provide inside glass door.

Heating elements are placed in ribs at the bottom and sides. Two adjustable air ventilators are placed near the  top of the sides.

The temperature is controlled by an Electronic microprocessed Temperature Controller cum Indicator from few °C above ambient to 80 deg. C  with sensitivity of plus minus 0.5 deg. C may be increased upto 100 °C on request. Supplied complete with two pilot lamps, aircirculating fan perforated shelves adjustable at any level, having  arrangement to fit the automatic timer to work on 220/230 volts A.C. only with cord and plug.

Size Inside Chmaber (Stainless Steel)
Model WxDxH LTRS.
455 X 455 X 605mm
125 Ltrs.
ISS-5 605 X 605 X 605mm 224 Ltrs.


• Microprocessed PID Controller having 4 ramp & 4 soak profile having set mode, alarm parameter, configuration parameter, profile parameter, set point profile, Pv error indicator, parameter for locking etc.
Alarm: It is possible to provide electronic alarm if, temperature deviates more than +/- 1 °C to cost extra.

Automatic timer electronic 999 mts. to extra cost

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Poultry Incubator

Vertical Autoclave
Model: NSW-212

Outer body made of galvanized sheet duly powder coated and inner chamber made of stainless steel 304 qlty. With Humidity control arrangement. It is incorporated with a geared motor and automatic timer for automatic flitting of trays loaded with eggs. With Micro PLC based control & Recording system temperature & RH.

EI – 100 Eggs
EI – 200 Eggs
EI – 300 Eggs

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