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The oven has arrived in one piece and that's good, even better we've positioned


Model: NSW-275

"NSW" Freeze Dryer covers a range of application from multiuser centralized laboratory application, pilot plant determination etc. made of mild steel duly powder coated. insulation of pre freezing chamber is done by puff. This unit is mounted on castors. The unit has hermetically sealed CFC Free compressor maintains temperature upto minus 40º C . Trap is given at non magnetic stainless steel dished bottom for complete effluent removal. Refrigerant coils made of copper are heavily insulated for maximum efficiency. Temperature control by Electronic Controller Cum Indicator. Vacuum Drum is made of non-magnetic stainless steel with Perspex top cover and incorporates 8/12" Quick seal valves/Ports for manifold drying. Double stage Vacuum pumps with gas ballast giving vacuum 1 x 10-3 torr module gauge. Sample port having 12.5mm outer dia provided for quick drying . Electronic Vacuum indicator, Pirani gauge is used. Specially designed temperature indicator to read temperature as low as 40 º C, mounted on front panel. with 3 step automatic voltage stabilizer. Suitable to work on 220V, single phase, 50 HZ A.C. supply.

Unit available in following sizes: 5.25 Litres

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Automatic Pipette Washer (Stainless Steel)
Automatic Pipette Washer (Stainless Steel) 
Model: NSW-250

A Large capacity washer especially recommended for serological, bacteriological or clinical laboratory. It operates on a siphoning principle to send a continuous flow of water over the through the pipettes. At normal pressure the water is completely changed in cycles of about one minute. Even at reduced pressure this washer operates efficiently. In consist of a stainless steel washing cylinder 56 cm. Height into 15cm in diameter mounted in a base 26.2cm in diameter, and a removable pipette holder, which is 13.75cm dia. The holder is made of stainless steel with a heavy wire-mesh bottom, rolled in and spot welded for strength and durability, the cylinder has a 1.25cm inlet with a removable hose nipple for attaching to permanent dram if desired. Will accommodate pipettes up to 37.5cm in length.


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Hot Plate
Hot Plate
Model: NSW-255

This is general purpose Hot Plate having maximum temperature 370 Deg. C with Electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator. Top of hot plate is made of aluminum dicast

Size: 300 X 455 mm
Size: 455 X 605 mm

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Dynamic Pass Box
Hot Plate
Model: NSW-204

Clean Room Sterile Dynamic Pass through box is self-contained units with class 100 laminar air flow unit installed at entrance to the clean rooms. They minimize the amount of particulate contamination entering the clean room by reducing the operator traffic. The laminar flow in the pass box starts running. When the doors are opened for material transfer in order to maintain air cleanliness required for the product which is equipped with a mechanical interlock system that prevents both the doors from being opened at the same time.

Construction details :- Unit has double walled construction.

Salient Features:-
• Electromagnetic Interlocking
• Floor mounted design
• Maximum chemical resistance construction
• Modular & Economical

These are required in the following applications:-
• Medical Devices
• Vaccine Manufacturers
• Pharma Companies and other related applications

Working Size :-
605 X 605 X 605 mm

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Double Water Distiller
Hot Plate
Model: NSW-207

Complete made of Stainless Steel 304 qlty.

Capacity: 5-20 Liters per hour
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